Dear Poplar Tree Estates Families, Friends and Neighbors,

Spring is about to arrive, and with the change in weather, many of us are enjoying being outside. The kids are getting back in school, therefore we all need to drive safely and within the speed limit to protect our kids and families out and about in the neighborhood.

The pool house refurbishment and improvement are on schedule and getting close to completion. I would like to emphasize the use of the Poplar Tree MOKO APP for everyone. If you need assistance with its use, please contact Sequoia Management. You will need the APP to obtain your 2021 pool pass and to be informed on all the social activities Rachel Cabero has planned for us. She is doing an incredible job in planning and executing activities to benefit the community.

Remember that the Annual Meeting will take place on Monday,April 26 at 6:30 pm, outdoors in the community center parking lot. Please submit the prepaid proxy card that was mailed to you if you do not plan on attending. The meeting will be held rain or shine. If we do not have a quorum we cannot hold the meeting and will have to reschedule. Please take care and be safe.

The following provides updates on the Board of Directors’ activities:

Social Activities: Thanks to Rachel Cabero, our social coordinator, the Valentine’s Day event went extremely well. There are events scheduled every month with fitness and art classes beginning soon. As well, we are planning movie nights (June through August) and some alternatives to the annual picnic if we are restricted by COVID protocols. If you have any ideas, please contact Rachel. The complete schedule is posted on the Poplar TreeAPP.

Yard Waste and Trash: Fairfax County will only allow yard debris and grass clippings to be collected if in a paper bag or separate container. The use of plastic bags for yard waste is no longer approved. Enforcement will begin on April 19th. Please plan accordingly.

Holiday Decorations: As a reminder, please take down your holiday decorations. Thank you.

Food Trucks: These have been well utilized and more are planned. Please work with Katherine Owen if you have any thoughts, recommendations, or ideas. The PoplarTreeAPP contains a schedule of planned food trucks for the next several weeks.

Board Nominations:If anyone is interested in serving on the Board, please let me know.

Homeowners Dues:If any homeowner is having difficulty paying their quarterly dues due to COVID or any other reason, please contact Sequoia Management. If you are having difficulty, we will work out a revised payment plan that suits your needs. Let us help you if needed.

Reserve Study: The study is in process and will be completed when we finish the pool house upgrade. The study is a key input determining our long term financial needs and amount of Homeowners Equity we desire to maintain in 2022. Next Board Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled forApril 19, 2021. The Zoom meeting information is: Meeting ID: 629 902 7421, Passcode: 1234. All are welcome to participate.

If you have any questions or desire to discuss any issue, please do not hesitate to contact me through Sequoia. Please take care and stay safe. Let us be Watchful, Drive Safely, Be Mindful of our Neighbors, and Keep our Families Safe.

Dan Sherrange
Poplar Tree Homeowners Association President