Dear Poplar Tree Families, Friends and Neighbors, 

As the Virginia election season comes to a close, I hope all have exercised their right to vote and participated in the Virginia election. The holiday season is fast approaching, so be watchful of the events being planned for the community. Many holiday events are planned this year, and if you’d like to volunteer, please contact Remona our events/social coordinator at ptsocial@sequoiamgmt.com. If your school kids need volunteer hours, please ask Remona how they can help out during these events. Please be careful and respect the choices of all, but vaccinations are cheap while an extended hospital stay is expensive and may prove to be a bad choice. Please be safe, watchful, and drive carefully in the neighborhood. Keep everyone safe.  

New Homeowners: The BOD elected to conduct a welcoming event for all new homeowners as a Meet & Greet at the pool area. We held our first event at the end of October and will begin to plan for an event every 4-6 months. If interested in assisting, please contact Remona. 

Social Activities/Events: Please take a look at the scheduled activities.

Neighborhood Watch and Crime: We continue to seek a volunteer leader or leaders and are looking to reestablish a Neighborhood Watch program for our community. Please contact a board member if interested.

Repair and Replace: The board approved installation of a replacement shade structure near the pool house and baby pool.  

Streetlights/Safety: We have combined the Streets and Safety committee with the Grounds committee.  The combined committee will continue to be led by John Peterson and Cecilia Daniels. Details concerning streetlight issues are detailed on page 5 of this newsletter. 

Pool: The Board approved establishment of a Capital Improvements committee led by Matt Kroll to look at improvement of the grassy area as a potential multi-use area with an improved shade structure. The committee membership includes Lara Agan, Amado Fernandez, Leslie Bartnik, and Mike Gallivan.  

Budget: The 2022 budget was approved by the BOD and is included herein for community review before finalization.
PTHOA Survey: The survey continues to be reviewed and we expect its publication prior to the end of the year in order for the community to provide their responses.

Board Membership: The following board member terms are completed following the annual meeting election. They are Dan Sherrange, Tom Robinson, and Gurdeep Sohi. If you are interested in becoming a member of the board, please contact Dan Sherrange or Paul Farello and indicate your interest.

Next Board Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for January 17. The Zoom meeting     information is Meeting ID: 847 6968 2534, Passcode: 1234.  All are welcome.  

If you have any questions or desire to discuss any issue, please do not hesitate to contact me through Sequoia. Continue to check the MOKO APP, Happenings, and the website for activities and details.  Please take care, stay safe and enjoy the fall weather.

Dan Sherrange 
Poplar Tree Homeowners Association President