Pool Closes @ 4pm for Swim Meets

Monday, June 26  &  Monday, July 3

Come out and cheer on our Poplar Tree Pirates! 

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Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are an amenity available to all Poplar Tree residents; however, residents are required to have a key to enter the courts. If you do not currently have a key, one may be obtained by sending a request to Sequoia Management (sbucklin@sequoiamgmt.com). 

We keep the courts locked to keep them in good repair and to limit use to residents only. In the last several months, the gate was forced open several times and required repairs to the gate and lock. Residents who already have keys can continue to use those keys. They will still work, even with the repairs. Residents who want to use the courts for tennis or pickleball and do not have a key may obtain one from Sequoia Management.