Dear Poplar Tree Estates Families, Friends and Neighbors,

Spring is here and the activity in the community has increased as we are all working on our spring projects, landscaping, and getting things ready to enjoy the summer. Many of us have taken advantage of the food trucks, exercise classes, tennis, art classes, and social activities Rachel and our volunteers have planned. Many thanks to all who have helped make these activities a success. Check the MOKO App for the schedule of upcoming activities, and I encourage all to participate and take advantage of what is going on in the neighborhood. Movie Nights are coming!!

I will report the results of the Annual Homeowners Meeting in the June letter. The following provides updates on the Board of Directors’ activities: Yard Waste and Trash: Fairfax County will only allow yard debris and grass clippings to be collected in a paper bag or separate container.The use of plastic bags for yard waste is no longer approved. Enforcement began on April 19th .

Pool: The pool house upgrade is remarkably close to completion and will be ready for the pool opening. We are working hard to get the pool ready to open on time. As well, we expect to fully support the Pirates Swim Team. The pool regulations and special COVID procedures have been completed and approved.You should have received a full pool information packet in the mail by the time you get this newsletter. Please email the COVID Waiver and Health Commitment forms to Sequoia so you can have your family’s set of passes ready before the pool opens. The MOKOApp will be your and your family’s pass to enter the pool safely. We will need volunteers for the first two weeks of the season to help get things organized and assist all of you with getting into the pool. We will watch the government requirements closely and change procedures accordingly as the season progresses. 

Finally, I must thank Tom Robinson, Matt Kroll, Jen Darwin, and the board for being focused and working hard to deliver the pool house renovations on time. The pool house looks great and is a great improvement to our facility. We have more planned for the future, so stay tuned, and if you desire, get involved. Next Board Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for May 17, 2021. The Zoom meeting information is: Meeting ID: 629 902 7421, Passcode: 1234. All are welcome to participate. If you have any questions or desire to discuss any issue, please do not hesitate to contact me through Sequoia. Please take care and stay safe. Let us be Watchful, Drive Safely, Be Mindful of our Neighbors, and Keep our Families Safe.

Dan Sherrange
Poplar Tree Homeowners Association President