Dear Poplar Tree Families, Friends, and Neighbors

Poplar Tree Annual Picnic: We are in the process of finalizing the plans for our annual picnic. I encourage everyone to register/volunteer on the sign up genius. There are lots of spaces available. Volunteering is a great way to help make this day a success.

We need volunteers to make this work. Please sign up.

Landscaping Plan: The preliminary long-range plan outlining several proposed enhancements to the pool and playground area is posted at the pool house and on the web site for all to review and provide comment. Please provide comments and your priority recommendations as to which specific element of the plan you would like to have the association pursue. We are in the process of prioritizing element of the plan for which we would obtain preliminary (rough order of magnitude) cost estimates for consideration. We intend to determine which elements are most beneficial to the community and what we can afford within our current budget model. We are currently not looking to increase dues to fund these enhancements. We fully intend to keep our decisions in line with the long-range plan.

Social Activities: We will need volunteers and a leader for the fall and winter activities such as

Halloween, Christmas, and any other activity which the community desires to do. Please contact Sharon Bucklin if interested.

Pool: Pool operations continue to go well with no issues or problems. We are upgrading and repairing the security lights at the pool

Schools: The summer has gone by too fast for most of us, but it is time to think about preparing for the upcoming school year. Traffic safety and security are important community focus areas. Although we do not have a Neighborhood Watch program anymore due to lack of volunteers, I ask that we share relevant safety and security information found on reliable social media platforms. Please forward information to Sharon Bucklin and me for consideration.

By-Laws: The Board is continuing the process of revising the By-Laws to bring them in line with today’s environment and operations. Changes, when approved, will provide the Board with more flexibility to make decisions while ensuring compliance with the Articles of Incorporation and Covenants. We hope to have the project completed by year-end.

Volunteers: If anyone is interested in being a board member then please contact Mike Gallivan or Sharon Bucklin.

Board Meeting: The next board meeting is scheduled for August 15 at 7PM. The Zoom meeting information is Meeting ID: 847 6968 2534, Passcode: 1234.  All are welcome.  

If you have any questions or desire to discuss any issue, please do not hesitate to contact me through Sequoia. Continue to check the MOKO APP, Happenings, and the website for activities and details.  Please take care, stay safe.

Dan Sherrange 
Poplar Tree Homeowners Association President