Dear Poplar Tree Friends and Neighbors,

Hopefully, all of us have remained safe with our kids back in school either remotely or in-school.  Let us continue to be courteous and mindful of the number of people out and about in the community until we can get things back to normal.  Particularly when the kids take a break from the computers.  Fairfax County Schools is going to begin bringing some children back to school.  That is a good sign and I am hopeful we can get all back to school soon.

As I go through the neighborhood, I would like to appeal to all of us to support maintaining a high standard of appearance.  The number of bags of lawn waste which is placed in the street and  sits for days detracts from our neighborhood.  Please place the bags out the night before or on the day they are to be picked up.  As well, I encourage those of us who tend to press the rules to their advantage without sufficient consideration of their neighbors reconsider their actions.  Examples are parking multiple cars in the street as if they are  in storage, parking RVs, work vehicles,  and trailers in the street, and keeping debris in sight of the street.  Basketball courts are not permitted in the street (Fairfax County).  The association has little recourse to alleviate these typical complaints other than appealing to each of us. Therefore, please look and see if you can find alternatives so we can keep our community safe, clean, and neat for all.

The following provides updates on the Board of Directors activities:  

Pool: The pool season has ended and we are currently completing the requirements for the winter months.    

Pool House Modernization:  The Board voted to move forward with a contract to upgrade the pool house facilities.  The major upgrade will be completed prior to the beginning of the pool season next year.  More details concerning construction will be provided as they come available.  

Ground Maintenance Contract: After reviewing multiple proposals, the Board voted to award a 3-year contract to Premier Landscaping. 

Communications, Pool Passes, and Web Site:  The Board approved the purchase of a new Mobile APP (MokoAPP) designed to provide for a digital pool pass system and expanded communications for the community. The APP will provide the capability to push announcements, notifications, maintain a calendar, submit requests, and provide a directory for homeowners use.  The APP allows homeowners to opt in or out of categories and notifications. More details will be provided as we implement the system. For now, the Web site will remain in place as one of our communications tools. For those who choose not to use the APP alternate means for entry to the pool will be available.

Next Board Meeting:  The next meeting is scheduled for October 19, 2020.  The Zoom meeting information is:  Meeting ID: 629 902 7421, Passcode: 1234.  All are welcome to participate.

Tot Lots: Some additional mulch was added to the tot lots and additional mulch was approved for installation by Premier.  In addition, the Board built monthly raking and annual mulch replacement into the Grounds contract.

Parking Lot:  The Board approved repairs for resealing the parking lot. It was determined that resurfacing was not required.  We will continue to assess the condition of the parking lot on an annual basis.

Pool Contract:  Work continues to develop the solicitation for bids on pool operations for the future. 

Tennis Court:  The Board is concerned about some deterioration in the tennis court surface.  Therefore, we are soliciting contractors to assess repairs that may need to be done to preserve the longevity of the tennis courts.  We will update the community as we move forward and determine the project scope.

Christmas: We elected to schedule the normal Christmas Santa this year.  As well, we are looking for volunteers to do the decorating contest.  I would encourage our college and high school students to take charge and help us to keep these traditions going and look for new activities that we can incorporate.  Use your imagination.  Please notify Jen Darwin at Sequoia if interested. 

If you have any questions or desire to discuss any issue, please do not hesitate to contact me through Sequoia.  Please take care and stay safe.


Dan Sherrange

Poplar Tree Homeowners Association President 

Poplar Tree Homeowners Association Social Coordinator

The Poplar Tree Homeowners Association Board of Directors is looking for an individual who is
interested in being the community Social Coordinator. The position is part time. The following
provides a description of the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities. Compensation would be
on an hourly basis at a minimum of $15.00 per hour.

● High school diploma.
● Some college preferred.
● Preferred homeowner or family member of a homeowner living in the Poplar Tree
● Be capable of administering information systems such as: Sign Up Genius, Poplar Tree
Web Site, and other APP base communications applications
● Be able to communicate effectively within the community.
Duties and Responsibilities
● Coordinate the scheduling and administration of Poplar Tree community events
● Solicit volunteers to lead and work at each scheduled activity or event.
● Work with volunteers to execute each activity or event.
● Determining if sufficient volunteers are available to ensure a successful event.
● Coordinate with the Board of Directors and Sequoia Management.
● Monitor use of information systems, e.g. Sign Up Genius.
● Maintain current information concerning activities and events on the Poplar Tree Web
Site and new Mobile APP (MokoAPP) to keep community informed of scheduled events.
● Recommend additional community events as appropriate for consideration.
● Monitor cost of each event and inform the BOD of any issues requiring resolution.
● Report to the BOD on a monthly basis.
Typical Events and Activities Include, but not limited to are:
● Easter Egg hunt or activities
● 5K Run or other athlete competitions/activities
● Halloween activities (Decorating Contest, community event, scavenger hunt)
● Christmas Decorating Contest, scavenger hunt, Santa visit, Hay Ride.
● Picnic
● Swim parties
● Other proposed activities

Interested individuals submit a resume to jdarwin@sequoiamanagement.